Lighting Setups Are Nonsense Heres How You Really Learn Light

When starting out, you will inevitably stumble upon someone telling you to use a three-light setup for portraits and a beauty dish for fashion photography. I think thats a whole bunch of nonsense. Lighting setups dont teach you light — they only confuse you and derail you from progressing. I remember buying my first light […]

Its Okay to Love Cameras and Ignore Negative Photographers

I have always been interested in technology. When I was a kid, I had a computer very early and I was writing and learning code at around the age of 7 or 8 years old, simple stuff such as making the screen flash different colors — important skills I have since forgotten. However, from computers […]

The Winning Photos of the Military Visual Awards for 2020

The Military Visual Awards (MVA) has announced the winning photos for 2020 that were captured and submitted by military photographers around the world. This year, the organization added a new category titled “Pandemic” for a total of 10 categories.

Moza Launches 3-in-1 Slypod Pro: An Electric Slider, Monopod, and Jib

Moza has announced the launch of the compact and feature-packedSlypod Pro, a 3-in-1 monopod with an electric slider and a jib arm, which the company claims is the first of its kind. Moza, a company that specializes in camera and smartphone stabilizers, and which also recently launched the Moin Camera,has announced an upgraded version of […]

How Fujifilm Changed My Photography

I am not brand loyal. I merely see a camera as a piece of technology that enables me to push my creative process. However, that being said, it doesnt mean that all cameras are the same. Each system from the various companies out there brings with them both pros and cons against one another and […]

What It Was Like Photographing March Madness During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot about the national sports scene, and the 2021 NCAA Tournament — AKA March Madness — was no exception. According to the NCAA basketball’s official photographer Jamie Schwaberow, the experience was filled with firsts both on and off the court.

Adobe Rush Gets Apple M1 Support, Premiere Pro Gets Speed Boost

Adobe has announced a release of new features and performance updates for its video editing apps Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush which are available for Adobe Creative Cloud users starting today. Premiere Rush Premiere Rush is a free mobile and desktop video editing app that focuses on editing quick and engaging content for social media, […]

No, You Cant Take Great Pictures Without Knowing Light

Without light, there is no picture. Knowing how to use light to your advantage can help you in any genre of photography, from landscape to portrait. What does photography mean in the simplest terms? Well, the Greek roots of the word suggest painting with light.

Hannah Yoons Subtle, Powerful Photos of the Atlanta Spa Shooting

While overall hate crime dipped in 2020, hate crime against Asians increased dramatically in a number of cities around the country. That trend has unfortunately continued into the early parts of 2021, most visibly manifesting itself with the killing of 8 people (six of whom were Asian) in Atlanta on March 16, 2021. As the […]

Are Black and White-Only Digital Cameras Crazy In This Day and Age?

Twenty years ago, few photographers would have questioned your choosing to go out with black and white film loaded in your camera of choice. Today, when I tell people my digital medium format camera shoots only in monochrome, I am prepared to receive just as much criticism as confusion. Responses typically range from I didnt […]

How to Make a DIY Portable V-Flat

Having a portable V-Flat in your photography kit can provide a unique tool when creating images for your clients. A V-Flat can be used as a background or a tool to bounce or absorb light on your subject.

How I Saved $15,000 When Buying Pro Camera Gear

Its no secret that most photographers want the pro stuff. Indeed, perhaps your favorite YouTuber has a Canon R5 or the latest expensive L lens. Pro gear beats amateur gear in most areas, even if it’s 10 years older.

Sony Quietly Launches a7R IIIa and a7R IVa Mirrorless Cameras

Sony has quietly launched new versions of its a7R III and a7R IV cameras that feature some small cosmetic changes along with noticeable improvements to specific hardware. The new cameras have a new “a” added to the official product name that differentiates them from the originals.

Sony Leads Global Smartphone Sensor Production, Samsung Closes Gap

The global smartphone sensor market was not slowed down by the pandemic, as a new report states the segment saw a total revenue of $15 billion in 2020 which is up 13% year over year. Sony still dominates the field, but its once ironclad grip has slipped slightly. Sony used to control over 50% of […]

Polaroid Founder Edwin Land Foresaw the Smartphone Camera in 1970

Polaroid founder Edwin Land was a visionary tech titan of his time, and as is common with pioneering entrepreneurs, Land had unusual foresight into where technology was headed. Here’s a neat video from 1970 in which Land accurately predicts the coming age of smartphone cameras in everyone’s pocket. The film was shot for Polaroid’s shareholder […]

How Much Does Lens Sharpness Matter?

Many of us enjoy quality. Be it a car or a lens, there’s a pleasure in using quality things. And in the case of lenses, how perceivable is the quality of the images captured? The research for this article was prompted by my “lust” for the Voigtlander 50mm f/2 Apo Lanthar. Phillip Reeve has written […]

New MacBooks Powered by Apples M2 Chip Coming This Year: Report

While Apple’s latest M1 MacBook Pro is less than six months old, the company is apparently working on the next generation of the laptop powered by the M2 chip, according to a new report. Tom’s Guide cites a new report from DigiTimes that looks specifically at Apple’s booking of production for its new in-house chips […]

Great Reads in Photography: April 4, 2021

Every Sunday, we bring together a collection of easy-reading articles from analytical to how-to to photo-features in no particular order that did not make our regular daily coverage. Enjoy! Last March, a Photographer Chartered a Helicopter and Captured an Invisible Crisis Los Angeles Magazine Helicopter flight Friday, April 24th, 2020 over Disneyland, Downtown Los […]

Sigma I-Series Lenses vs Sony G Compact Primes: No Losers Here

After my testing of the new Sony compact primes, I was able to spend some time with the competing set of primes from Sigma that were arguably the reason Sony created its lenses in the first place. Both sets are fun, compact, and extremely portable optics… but which should you buy? Like the Sony lenses, […]

Basic Guidelines: An Introduction to Aerial Photography

I have always looked forward to the rush of excitement I feel when preparing to board an aircraft with the promise of a few hours gazing down at our beautiful planet. Viewing the world from another perspective has held an alluring attraction for me as long as I can remember. From the first time I […]

Drone Pilots Can Complete Remote ID Training Online Starting April 6

After two delays, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is gearing up to launch its Remote ID training entirely online starting on April 6. The online program is designed to make it easier for Part 107-certified pilots to renew their status without needing to pay for in-person testing. As confirmed by The Drone Girl and reported […]

Fujifilm Announces the XF18mm f/1.4 R LM WR Lens

Fujifilm has announced the new XF18mm f/1. 4 R LM WR lens made exclusively for the X Series family of mirrorless digital cameras. The company says that its lightweight, portable design makes it ideal for a wide range of uses, from landscapes to portraiture.

Instagram Tests Letting Users Toggle Post Likes On and Off

Instagram plans on testing three options that allow its users to choose whether to hide or show like count on posts, with Facebook said to follow suit. The Verge reports that back in 2019, both Facebook and Instagram began tests in various regions that hid the publicly available “like” count on posts. The goal was […]

Microsofts Surface Laptop 4 Promises 70% Faster Photo Editing

Microsoft has announced the Surface Laptop 4, almost identical to its predecessor in design but comes packed with new processors that should offer better performance. The Surface Laptop 4 is the latest in Microsoft’s line and comes almost a year and a half after the release of the Surface Laptop 3, as reported by Endgadget. […]

Photog Captures Footage of the ISS Traveling In Front of a Mineral Moon

At the end of March, photographer Alexandru Barbovschi photographed the split second it took for the International Space Station to pass in front of the moon. After perfectly capturing the rare passing, he spent a few more minutes taking additional images to create what is known as a “Mineral Moon.” It should be noted that […]

Why Every Photographer Should Shoot Film, Even in 2021

There are countless distractions that often hinder our creativity and photographic expression. The pressure and comparison that comes with social media can make digital photography end up feeling like a burden: Each shot must be better than the last and a photo with subnormal likes is a failure. What if there was a way to […]

5 Marketing Tactics Every Photographer Needs to Know

As photographers, we all know marketing is important. We regularly hear that it can make or break a business. Good marketing can help you stand out. Weve all wondered how and why some photographers have hundreds of thousands of followers when others are struggling to even hit triple digits. When youve got people talking about […]

A Long-Term Review of the iPhone 12 Camera

I use my phone like most people. I scroll through my social media feeds, order from overpriced delivery apps, and even make the occasional phone call. But in 2021, theres one feature alone that decides how much Ill spend on a phone: the camera.

How To Get Your Photography Featured in Magazines

To many photographers, getting your work printed in a magazine is the holy grail, especially if you manage to make the front cover. Sure, posting on Instagram or Facebook is great but actually seeing your work in print… to me, there is no better feeling.

See the Rarely-Photographed Beauty of Winter in Ladakh, India

Venkitesh Ramachandran is a photographer and IT professional based in India who noticed very few images of the Ladakh region of India are widely shared, and even fewer that feature the beauty of its winter months, likely due to the harshness of the climate which can get as cold as -18 degrees Celcius. Ramachandran is […]

Canon Identically Ports its 400mm f/2.8L and 600mm f/4L from EF to RF

Canon has announced the coming availability of the RF400mm f/2.8L IS USM and Canon RF600mm f/4L IS USM, which it admits are optically identical to the original EF designs. The lenses look pretty much identical, save for what appears to be a bright silver built-in RF adapter. Canon is likely to take some heat for […]

Camera Gear You Should Never Buy Used

I previously wrote an article on some of the gear that photographers can buy used and how I saved $15,000 doing so. It feels wrong for me to buy any new gear — like I’m burning money when doing so.