CIPA Data for February 2018 is out. Long live the DSLR

Having just posted CanonNew’s analysis and breakdown of the CIPA results, I really don’t know what to write here on Canon Rumors. If you want to really see what I say about the data, go over to CanonNews.

  Shameless plug? You betcha. In summary though; Yes it was a good month, especially for DSLR’s that Read more. . . .

cipa data february 2018 out long live

2018-4-3 01:57

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2016 CIPA data shows compact digital camera sales lower than ever

Last month, the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) released its 2016 report detailing yearly trends in camera shipments. Using that data, photographer Sven Skafisk has created a graph that makes it easy to visualize the data, namely the major growth in smartphone sales over the past few years and the apparent impact it has had on dedicated camera sales. »

2017-03-07 00:51