Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 II is Reportedly Coming This Fall

Just a little over a year after Fujifilm killed off the Neopan Acros 100, the company seems to have finally heard the pleas to bring back the film photographer favorite. Following through their word on looking into bringing back its black and white films, Fujifilm finally made it official that they're bringing back the Acros 100 come Fall 2019, but in a new form they dubbed Neopan Acros 100 II.

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2019-6-11 13:49

100 acros → Результатов: 7 / 100 acros - фото

Fujifilm снимет с производства пленку Acros 100?

Fujifilm может прекратить выпуск пленки Neopan Acros 100 уже в октябре этого года. Возможно, в скором времени поклонникам аналоговой фотографии придется попрощаться с еще одной популярной пленкой. В сети появилась информация о том, что в октябре этого года Fujifilm снимет с производства Neopan Acros 100. fototips.ru »

2018-04-02 09:53

UPDATED: After 2019, Fujifilm Acros 100 45 Cut Sheet Film Will No Longer Be in Production

Today, Fujifilm officially announced that after 2019, Fujifilm Acros 100 4x5 cut sheet film will no longer be in production. This statement is currently being applied only to the 4x5 cut sheet film and it is currently unclear if it will apply to the 35mm, 120 and large format emulsion offerings, but we will confirm this in the morning. thephoblographer.com »

2017-05-26 08:00