Jeff Rothsteins Five Decades of New York Street Photography are Magical

. . . the most memorable was the shot I took of Muhammad Ali, says Jeff Rothstein. Unfortunately the negatives are long gone, but luckily I still have a print I made at the time. A true New Yorker, Jeff has been shooting street photography for over 50 years.

He has seen it all - times change, attitudes evolve. For the younger generation, Jeffs street photography allows them to see wonderfully what the world was once like. For the older generation, it offers a comforting dose of nostalgia. In each frame that he develops, you can feel every part of the gritty New York atmosphere. What is most evident when speaking to Jeff is his love for the craft. He has the energy to create, to document and to tell the truth. 50 years on from his first roll of film, Jeff shares with us the photographic fire thats still burning strong. .

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2019-5-14 19:00

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