Lens Review: Tokina 20mm F2 FiRIN AF (Sony FE)

When theTokina 20mm f2 FiRIN AF was announced, I was a tad confused as to why they'd create it. I mean, the manual focus version was and still is great. They essentially just took it, gave it autofocus and didn't do any other major upgrades.

Not even weather sealing! So as I went through my review process, I kept all of this in mind. The way I see it, I really want to understand why they didn't just go for the autofocus version to begin with. To me, that just didn't make sense. Essentially theTokina 20mm f2 FiRIN AF is the same lens as the manual focus version. It is still a lens with sharp optics. Still at f2. Still fairly small and lightweight; and at the same time this lens is still relatively affordable. But I'm still scratching my head. .

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2018-10-3 13:00

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New Zeiss Batis: Still no 100% confirmation about the announcement

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2016-10-14 10:39