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Latest Update Shows ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film Could be Great!

Anyone who has backed the ONE INSTANT Kickstarter project and have been keeping tabs at the updates must be brimming with excitement now. They've just dropped the latest on the production prototyping so far -- it's a success, and as they say, the devil is in the details! It's amazing to see them so close to finally "hacking" the peel-apart instant film system, and they have the "latest (and greatest) tests" to prove it! thephoblographer.com

2019-4-25 16:00

WhiteWalls AR App Shows You How a Photo Print Looks on Your Wall

Have ever wondered what some of your images would look like if they were framed and were hanging on your walls? Have you decided against purchasing images before because you just couldn't picture if they would fit in? Thanks to the wonders of augmented reality, and a new app from WhiteWall, you can now see exactly what your images will look like when they're being displayed in all their glory. thephoblographer.com

2019-1-24 11:00

Sony claims to be number one worldwide in mirrorless and Full Frame market

At the Photokina press event Sony did show this slide where they claim two things: 1) During the first half of the 2018 year they became number 1 on the worldwide Full Frame market 2) From 2010 til 2017 they were Number 1 in the worldwide mirrorless market And here is a Sony interview from […] The post Sony claims to be number one worldwide in mirrorless and Full Frame market appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com

2018-9-28 17:53