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Hands-on: Instagrams New Focus Portrait Mode Feature

Facebook-owned Instagram has decided to throw its hat into the Portrait Mode game, though really this could be looked at as more of a toe dipping than a full-on dive. The reason I say this is that the new feature, which allows users on to take portrait mode images with computer-generated bokeh, is only available on devices which already have a portrait mode built into their system cameras. thephoblographer.com

2018-4-11 16:00

This video explains the science behind how camera drones fly

The folks at WIRED have put together a great video for the science nerds among usand I do have a feeling there are a few. The video, which is part of WIRED's Dot Physics series, explains the physics behind drone flight; in other words: how that new DJI Mavic Air and quadcopters like it are able to hover, move in three dimensions, and rotate all by changing the speed at which various propellers spin. dpreview.com

2018-1-26 01:23

Nikon D810 Replacement Could Be Just Weeks Away

Nikon has had a rollercoaster time of it lately, but 2017 may be about to turn into a positive year as rumours suggest the long-awaited replacement for the D810 could soon be announced. In fact, if sources are correct, the new high megapixel camera could be launched before the end of July! Internet rumour site Nikon Rumours is reporting the replacement for the D810 could be called the D820 or D850 and that its likely to sport a high-resolution sensor of around 45-megapixels, which would see a significant increase over the 36-MP D810. digitalrev.com

2017-7-3 03:00

Which Fujifilm X-Series Camera Is Right For You?

Fujifilm is riding a good wave right now as interest in the company's x-series cameras is higher than ever since the release of its latest flagship offering in the new X-T2. But clearly, not everyone is interested in or can afford a camera like the X-T2, so we wanted to break down the x-series real and talk about the available options, an why you may like one over another. thephoblographer.com

2016-11-12 00:19

Instagram is working on iPhone 7-specific features

Yesterday Apple announced its iPhone 7 models and app developers are already working hard at making use of the devices' new features, especially the dual-camera in the iPhone 7 Plus. Instagram actually had a slot during the Apple presentation and Ian Spalter, head of design at Instagram, had the opportunity to explain how the app would make use of the camera's new features and capabilities. dpreview.com

2016-9-9 21:00

LG V20 comes with dual-cam and stereo sound recording

LG has unveiled the V20, a smartphone with a focus on audiovisual performance that is also the first device to come with Google's Android 7. 0 operating system. The latter brings with it the new multi-window mode, a new notification system, improvements to battery management and the in-app search application, which allows for content search from third-party apps. dpreview.com

2016-9-7 19:44