Nikons full-frame mirrorless; have the specs just leaked?

Nikons full-frame mirrorless; have the specs just leaked?

Its no secret that Nikons full-frame mirrorless camera cant be that far away from being launched. A couple of months back, we reported that Kimito Uemura, Executive Officer at Nikon Imaging Japan, had confirmed the development during an interview at the CP+ show in Japan.

Well, now it looks the process is gathering pace as multiple photography websites have reported on what appears to be a leaked specifications list.

Yes, its true these are still rumours at this point, but its also true that the accuracy of such reports seems to be getting better and better by each product launched, so while rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, were getting quite excited by the reports and the first news is that there could in fact be multiple mirrorless cameras.

Nikon Rumours reported rumoured specs that suggest there could be two bodies - one with a resolution around 24-megapixels and a much higher-resolution version, with a rumoured resolution of 45-megapixels, which would place it at the same resolution as the awesome D850 DSLR.

Could the new full-frame mirrorless pick up where Nikon's first mirrorless effort (the Nikon 1) left off?

Other rumoured specifications suggest the size will be comparable to that of the Sony a7 camera (the current a7III model weighs in at 650g and measures 126. 9mm x 95. 6mm x 73. 7mm) and that it could feature 5-axis image stabilisation and a rapid burst rate of 9 frames per second.

Equally intriguing is the rumoured specification that the Nikon mirrorless could use a brand new lens mount - one that will allow for f/0. 95 ultra fast-aperture lenses. Just imagine the bokeh youd get from that lens! Lastly, rumours suggest there will be three lenses available at launch; a 24-70mm zoom and two prime optics, a 35mm and a 50mm.

When it comes to rumours surrounding pricing and availability, the higher-resolution 45-megapixel model (with 24-70mm lens) has been touted as having a $4000 price-tag, while the 24-megapixel models is rumoured to carry a $3000 price-tag. Reports suggest the cameras could arrive as early as August, so Nikon photographers should start raiding their piggy banks now.


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