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These Reactions to a Brooklyn Beckham Photobook Will Make You Laugh

Brooklyn Beckham was never going to be the most liked photographer in the industry. As the son of multi-millionaire superstars, he got one of the biggest legs up any photographer has received. For a teenage boy, as he was at the time, his work wasn't the worst we have ever seen, but it certainly didn't warrant a photobook and gig with Burberry! A few years have passed since he burst onto the scene, but even now, people enjoy giving the 21-year-old celebrity photographer some virtual jabs on social media. thephoblographer.com

2020-4-24 13:00

These Highest-Res Photos of the Suns Atmosphere Show Magnetic Threads

Researchers have released the highest-ever resolution photos of the Sun’s atmosphere. The images reveal “magnetic threads” in the star’s outer layer for the very first time. The images were published by scientists at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) working in collaboration with NASAs Marshall Space Flight Centre (MSFC). They were captured by NASAs High-Resolution […] petapixel.com

2020-4-14 19:10

Ive Got Lost In The Winter Wonderland And Captured These Photographs (14 Pics)

Real winter is hardly seen in Europe nowadays. Global warming causes a lack of snow also in Slovak and Polish mountains. When our countries were sinking in the snow in previous years, there are only short periods of time now, when we can spot the amazingly beautiful hills and valleys covered by a think layer of the infinite number of tiny snowflakes. boredpanda.com

2020-2-27 01:19