Quick Tip: Composition for Beginners

Quick Tip: Composition for Beginners

Improving your composition can bring balance and personality to your photography, simultaneously enabling you to produce more appealing images. And as quick tips go, this 90-second video from Mango Street Lab is absolutely packed full of key compositional advice.

Its important to remember that all of these rules can (and often should) be broken to […].

quick tip composition beginners

2017-5-18 19:02

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Quick Tip: How to Make a Creative Bokeh Backdrop for Portraits

In this creative 2-minute tutorial, Ukranian photographer Anya Anti demonstrates how to make an interesting bokeh effect using shapes cut out of a paper backdrop. To create the effect, you will need: Paper backdrop A marker Something sharp (preferably scissors) Flash heads or other light source to place behind the backdrop The idea is quite simple: […] petapixel.com

2017-05-23 20:23