Review: RNI Films All Films Lite 4 Capture One Styles

Every time that RNI puts out an update of some sort, I get very excited. For years, they've been my go to for film emulation simulations in times when I want my digital files to look like film and I didn't happen to shoot film.

So with their new RNI Films All Films Lite 4 update that came our for Capture One, it was almost like it was a match made in heaven. Capture One's RAW file editor with RNI Films All Films Lite 4 and what it does sounds wonderful. Photographers that want the actual look of film, have shot film, and like the look of it will greatly apprecaite what RNI Films All Films Lite 4 can do. It won't give you some of the horrid photos that you find in Facebook groups where everyone says "OMFG IT LOOKS LIKE REAL FILM THIS IS A GAME CHANGER OMFG!!!!" that folks who have never shot film will say. Instead, it does a good job in most situations. Granted, it can also do a very hit or miss job. .

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2018-2-2 08:00

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