Review: Sony a7r III (The Camera So Many of Us Have Been Waiting For)

I used to borrow a joke from my buddy David Schloss that Sony got things 80% right 100% of the time; but with the new Sony a7r III I genuinely feel like they've done a significantly better job than that.

Based on just the specs alone, I had to buy the Sony a7r III from Adorama. When the camera actually got into my hands, I was even more amazed at how great it is. Sony's cameras have been continually improved over and over again and for the first time, a studio photographer has access to almost everything that they could possibly need with a Sony mirrorless camera. Not only do to have a fantastic 42MP full frame sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range at lower ISO settings, but you've got pretty decent autofocus performance, WiFi, weather sealing, better battery life, and that joystick that we've been begging for for years now. When you combine this with the fantastic support from Profoto, Godox, and Flashpoint amongst others in the flash system world, then you've got a genuinely complete system with a massive selection of lenses. .

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2017-12-7 08:00

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