Sony’s Oddly Very Expensive Lens is a Remnant from the NEX Days

The saying goes that cameras deteriorate in value but lenses really hold onto it; and in the case of Sony that's a very true statement. Almost 10 years ago, Sony introduced their NEX 5 and NEX 3 cameras--these two cameras would be the precursor to the wildly successful mirrorless camera system that they have today.

The NEX system was E mount and years later, they would simply just incorporate it into the Alpha series to give it a bit more history along the lines of Minolta. They launched with a pancake lens that was mediocre at best though fun to work with. And a bit later on came their first very serious optic: the Sony Zeiss 24mm f1. 8. If you've been a photographer for a while (and according to our reader survey, many of you have been for well over five years) then you know about how important this lens was.  .

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2018-3-13 13:00