Splicing An Analogue And Digital Camera Together Is Brilliant

For several years, many an analogue user has been forced to bow to the overwhelming convenience that digital camera kit offers. However, photographer Robin Guymer was reluctant to let his beloved gear go softly into that good night and has crafted a Frankenstein-like method of combining a mirrorless unit with a film camera.

/Robin Guymer

By matching up the sensitivity on both connected cameras (in this case to ISO 800) Guymer can take a photo in tandem. Snapping through a Nikon FE, the actual images are captured digitally onto a Sony NEX-3 compact camera. In effect he has turned the NEX-3 into his film stock. The process of taking a photo is as simple as setting the NEX-3 to a 5 second exposure and then shooting away with the Nikon FE. The Nikon FE controls the light being allowed through to the NEX-3 meaning the 5 seconds of exposure does little to effect the photo aesthetics.

In order to achieve this wondrous madness, Guymer took his tech know-how to find a way to slot the Sony NEX-3 compact camera into the back of his trusty Nikon FE efficiently. He realised that tearing down the NEX-3 to its bare bones elements, and taking out the Nikon’s film door, he was able to align the NEX-3’s sensor perfectly to where the Nikon’s film capture would occur before fusing them in place. Returning the Nikon to it’s usual mode only involves popping the NEX-3 out and slotting the film door back on.

/Robin Guymer

Guymer has also discovered some lovely little tricks with filters to tweak with his new toy, including infrared settings. He also gleefully points out that this “electronic film” system should work with his Nikon FE2. Finally, he boasts that his method also allows the digital camera to record video in this manner.

Not only has Guymer been kind enough to provide videos on the subject but has written a complete breakdown on his site for those interested. Go on, give it a go!


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2017-3-8 03:00