The New Nikon P1000 Has a 125x Optical Zoom with a Laughable 1/2.3 inch Sensor for $999.95

Today, for some odd reason, the Nikon P1000 point and shoot camera is being announced. Odd, you ask? The fact that it is a point and shoot isn't such a big issue at all; but the fact that it's a superzoom camera being marketed as one with a 125x optical zoom is what's insane.

Kudos to Nikon for being able to do something like this; but then you read the fine print (or in this case, print that's not even in the press release) and see the bait and switch--this Nikkor lens is having its potential wasted by being placed in front of a 1/2. 3 inch sensor. .

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2018-7-10 07:01

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