Vietnam Veteran Gets His Camera Back 50 Years After it Was Stolen

Vietnam Veteran Gets His Camera Back 50 Years After it Was Stolen

Getting a camera back in good condition after it’s been stolen always makes for a “feel-good” story, but this particular tale goes above and beyond. Vietnam veteran Leon Hembree was reunited with his Canon 8mm camera a full 50 years after it was swiped from his bag in Vietnam. The story reminds us of those […]

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2016-10-22 00:25

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Vietnam Veteran Reunited with Stolen Camera After Nearly 50 Years

When Vietnam veteran Leon Hembree had his camera stolen in 1967 he didn’t expect to ever see it again, but thanks to an etched label the beloved item has finally found a way back to its owner. The Canon 8mm cine camera was recently acquired by Steven Bridges for US$6 at an auction but, after a thorough inspection, he found Hembree’s name along with a date and location in Saigon. »

2016-10-21 03:00


Alessio Fangano Swings His Camera Randomly To Create Movingscapes

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to photography is daring to be different, and trying new and untested approaches. Alessio Fangano, an Italian photographer living in Germany has been experimenting with quite an unusual and radical style he discovered by shooting images haphazardly, clicking the shutter while walking. »

2016-09-25 07:02