Capture One Film Styles Pack

Phase One today released The Film Styles Pack for Capture One. This newest Styles Pack is designed for photographers who long to create the feel and texture from the days of analogue photography.

Capture One Film Styles give photographers a head start in the editing process, providing a solid foundation of adjustments for a faster workflow. Styles function as inspiration, providing a quick view of images, with a variety of editing options. This latest release delivers 15 different “looks,” each in three different strengths, from subtle to regular to strong, for a total of 45 different Styles. The Capture One Film Pack is available now for $69 / €69 from the Phase One e-store.


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2017-10-24 19:00

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Phase One introduces 'Styles Packs' for Capture One

Phase One will begin offering image adjustment presets for its Capture One Pro editing software. Presets will be sold in Styles Packs, each with 15 to 18 individual Styles. Each Style applies automatic adjustments to an image without touching parameters like white balance and exposure – Phase One emphasizes there's plenty of latitude for the user to adjust an image to taste before and after a Style is applied. »

2017-06-08 14:00