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Sony is testing three different possible foveon alike sensors

Sony published a brand new patent (JP-A-2017-174936) which describes three different “Foveon” alike sensors. This kind of sensor doesn’t use the classic RGB pixel layout. Embodiment 1: It shows the Green layer on top (made of organic material), the blue layer below and the red at the bottom (both made of silicon) Embodiment 4: It […] The post Sony is testing three different possible “foveon” alike sensors appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com

2017-9-29 18:25

How To Use White Balance Creatively

Unless youre constantly working in problematic lighting conditions, theres a good chance you'll typically have your cameras white balance system set to auto. Many cameras do a decent job here, particularly under natural light, and most people are well aware that rectifying any minor issues is straightforward enough when processing raw files. digitalrev.com

2017-3-11 03:00