How this Creative One-Shot Scene Was Done to Show the Passage of Time

The Showtime series Kidding has an episode that introduces a character by seamlessly showing how a single room in her home transformed over a long period of time as she recovers from addiction. It might look like CGI or clever editing, but it was actually done with careful choreography and a single take. The split-screen […]

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2018-10-10 18:14

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How to Add Creative Lighting to Plain Backdrops Using a DIY Cucoloris

This short 2-minute video from photographer Svitlana Vronska demonstrates some clever lighting tricks you can use to add some creative flair to your images with an otherwise uninteresting backdrop. The budget setup makes use of lighting gear, some black and white board from a dollar store, and an X-Acto knife to create some interesting shadow […] »

2017-09-08 17:35


Quick Tip: How to Make a Creative Bokeh Backdrop for Portraits

In this creative 2-minute tutorial, Ukranian photographer Anya Anti demonstrates how to make an interesting bokeh effect using shapes cut out of a paper backdrop. To create the effect, you will need: Paper backdrop A marker Something sharp (preferably scissors) Flash heads or other light source to place behind the backdrop The idea is quite simple: […] »

2017-05-23 20:23