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Christian Hoiberg Captures the Aurora Borealis in Beautiful Color

The Northern Lights are perhaps one of the most breathtaking natural phenomenons anyone can see during their time on this planet. The bright colors can be seen fluttering in the skies overAlaska, northern parts of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, and the residents there can see them from late August through the middle of April. thephoblographer.com

2019-1-17 23:00

113k Instagram Followers Cant Get Enough Of These Minimalist Everyday-Object Photos By Thai Photographer

Finding your own style in photography is not easy, but Thai photographer Peechaya Burrough has achieved this by showing a beautiful and delicate work that deserves to be appreciated. Born in Thailand, Peechaya Burrough now lives in Sydney which is where she began her creative and minimalist photography series. boredpanda.com

2019-1-11 03:38

Gear of the Year 2018 - Barney's choice: Nikon Z7

This year seems like it went by in a flash (although thinking back to some of the news headlines I'm still tempted to say 'good riddance'). In the photo industry, 2018 has definitely felt like a year of transitions: not least because this was the year that Canon and Nikon finally entered the full-frame mirrorless market, and in so doing began the slow process of moving beyond their respective legacy EF and F mounts. dpreview.com

2018-12-23 17:00

4 Bang for Your Buck 24-105mm Wide to Telephoto Lenses That Can Do it All

Like many other photographers out there, I have multiple lenses in my camera bag that are all suitable for various jobs and genres of photography. While it's nice to be able to pick and choose from a long list of prime lenses, sometime it's just really nice to use wide to telephoto lenses that can do-it-all, and 24-105mm lenses are just about the perfect do it all lens. thephoblographer.com

2018-12-1 20:00

Wave GoodBye To Your Wide-Angle!

The first thing youre told as a fresh-faced landscape photographer is get yourself a wide-angle lens. And with good reason, too. The broad view that a wide-angle lens gives, and the way it will exaggerated the scale of anything close to you immediately make sense; you can cram big views into your pictures, and make foregrounds pop with texture and detail. digitalrev.com

2018-11-30 03:00

Cheap Photo: Sony A7 II + 28-70mm Lens for $999, a Sony A7R II for $1598 + Score Big Savings on Other Sony Camera Deals

If you have been waiting to see what camera deals this Black Friday and holiday season brings, and you have been hoping that some of Sony's excellent camera will be on sale, you're in for a treat. Right now you can grab the Sony A7 II with the 28079mm lens for just $999! You can also scoop up the A7r II (body only) for $2799, while the pocket sized powerhouse a6000 with two lenses can be yours for just $599! thephoblographer.com

2018-11-18 20:00