Leaked Images Of The New Canon M6 Mirrorless

Leaked Images Of The New Canon M6 Mirrorless
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Canon’s release of the EOS M5 late last year signalled that the company was finally making a serious push into the mirrorless market, and the reception thus far has been generally positive. Although the M5 is a little pricey considering its spec sheet, it has shown itself to be a solid performer, winning a small but dedicated fanbase among the mirrorless community.

Now it appears that Canon hopes to appeal to the more budget-minded consumer with the upcoming M6. As this is Canon, higher numerical values are usually correlated with lower price points, and the M6 seems to be no exception.

According to leaked product images from digicame-info. com, the M6 has a similar design to the M5, but is lacking the EVF, opting for just an LCD screen on the back of the device.

As yet, there are very few details on pricing, but we expect that Canon will price the M6 more competitively than the M5, which retails for around US$1,000.

According to CanonRumors, Canon will also announce a new EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5. 6 IS STM lens and EVF-DC2 viewfinder, as seen in the images below. This could presumably be used in conjunction with the M6, although a detachable EVF seems a poor substitute for the built-in one found on the M5.

Will a lower price point convince you to buy into the Canon mirrorless ecosystem? Let us know in the comments below.


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