A New Way to Attach Filters: The H&Y RevoRing Filter System Review

Every so often, a product comes along and changes the way that we've always done something. That's precisely what the H&Y RevoRing Filter System is trying to do with how photographers use Neutral Density and Circular Polarizing filters.

For many photographers, ND and CPL filters serve critical roles in their photography workflow. The problem with traditional threaded round lens filters is that they're limited to a single filter thread. If you've got a handful of lenses, each bearing a different filter thread, they would each require their own filter, and that can add up to quite a large sum very quickly. While filter holder systems help alleviate this by allowing you to use one set of filters across a bunch of different lenses, they often require you to juggle a lot of different components. With H&Y's RevoRing Filter System, the only components you have to manage are the RevoRing itself and the various filters that you will need. The folks over at H&Y sent over pre-production samples of the RevoRing Filter System to evaluate ahead of its Kickstarter campaign launch. Does it live up to its promise?.

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2020-6-30 19:00

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STC expands Clip Filter series with new Panasonic Lumix M43 ND and IR filters

STC Optics has expanded its Clip Filter Series to include new filters for Panasonic Lumix M43 camera systems, as well as the Z Cam E2 4K Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. As with the existing Clip Filters, the new series is designed to be sandwiched between the camera body and lens, positioning the filter over the sensor instead of on the front of the lens. dpreview.com »

2019-09-14 01:42

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STC adds 6-stop neutral density to its clip-on sensor filter range

Specialist filter manufacturer STC Optical Ltd has expanded its range of Clip filters to include a ND64 with infrared-cut properties. The new filter, which clips directly in front of the camera’s sensor instead of over the front of the lens, provides 6 stops of light reduction while maintaining accurate colors by preventing infrared light from passing freely during the exposure. dpreview.com »

2017-04-01 10:01

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Syrp introduces Super Dark 5-10 stop variable ND filter

Accessories brand Syrp has announced a new variable neutral density filter that will appeal to those who like to create very long exposures. The Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter operates between five and ten stops (ND32 to ND1024) and provides stop-markings on the rings so photographers can measure exactly how much light they are cutting out. dpreview.com »

2016-12-13 00:50