Oliphant Backdrops Can Cost You Around $1000 Plus Shipping

When photographers think about backdrops, many of us tend to try to be savvy--but the more discerning amongst us tend to reach for Oliphant backdrops. In fact, according to a recent blog post on the Retouchist, they can command a pretty penny.

Tested & Ranked: Six Disposable Cameras

Every photographer has fond memories of disposable cameras. Whether it was some weird project you had to do in first year art school, the I only shoot film phase that most of us go through, or childhood memories, weve all got a soft spot for those crappy plastic junk boxes that only work 50% of the time.

Debmalya Sinha: A Black and White Personal Documentary Photographer

My name is Debmalya Sinha and Im a personal documentary photographer. As Martin Parr once said, Unless theres some vulnerability there, I dont think youre going to get good photographs; I started looking for my vulnerabilities inside my otherwise easy and mostly satisfying life and quickly found out one can find pain even in the intense orgasms inside the most loving embraces of life if one is looking for it.

Dan Grove: Photographic Perfection in the Reimagination of the Mundane

My photography is all about reimagining the mundane - the bit of England I live in is reaaalllly dull so taking decent photos can be quite a challenge at times. I love to notice the things that other people might miss and Im always looking to get the shot that makes people look twice or wonder how/where Ive taken it.

I Photograph My Kids Growing Up On A Farm

I started photographing my kids in late 2015. We have a 10-acre farm with lots of farm animals, so they make their appearance often in the photos with the kids. Sometimes other critters make their way into the photos too, not just farm animals.

Irving Penn: The Creation of an Iconic Photographer

Irving Penn paved the way for modern photography by seamlessly crossing borders between high fashion and fine art. During the course of his career, Penn produced images that would grace the covers of Vogue while simultaneously appearing on the walls of galleries.

The Panomicron: Building a Custom 93x24mm Panorama Camera

"My camera, that I call the 'Panomicron' is a 35mm panoramic camera that shoots 93x24 negatives. " says photographer Oscar Oweson in an interview with us. "It can use any Mamiya Press lens but does not have any rangefinder, zone focus only (so the 100mm f2.

How I Fight With Demons In My Head Using A Camera

I (Victoria Morphine) fighting with demons with my lenses and creativity. I'm 24 years old woman, self-taught artist. I started my more professional journey with art almost 10 years ago, art was my way to help myself with stress and frustration.

Kaamna Patel: Analog Film Photography with a Magic Box

Photographer Kaamna Patel is based in Mumbai--where she returned after working for five years in Paris. "I am interested in themes of identity & globalisation, putting the world and myself under scrutiny, an objectivity facilitated by a lifestyle of constant travel.

Matt MacCourts Love of Kodak Portra, Ektar and Film

In continuing my running through of various entries into The Phoblographer's analog zine, I've found a lot of amazing photographers who have pretty awesome work, but not quite zine quality. One of those photographers is Matt MacCourt--who has loved shooting portraits with color film for a while now.

PhotoShelter and Feature Shoot Team Up for a Guide to Instagram Hashtags

If you've ever been curious about what hashtags are best for you as a photographer, then you're in luck because there's a brand new guide out about them. PhotoShelter teamed up with Feature Shoot recently to do a special guide to hashtags for photographers and breaks it down into a variety of different genres overall.

What Happens When You Shoot With Expired Film?

The folks over at Dyson media teamed up with photographer Alastair Bird to see what would happen when you shoot with expired film. As analog film photography is currently seeing a resurgence, it’s a question many people have on their mind.

I Capture Emotional Stories In My Photographs

My name is Marija Smanja and I'm a photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I started with photography, I used to shoot what I see in front of me, but after gaining some experience in portraiture, documentary, and some other fields in photography, I realized that I want to capture something that's not just aesthetically appealing but engage the viewers more and evokes their personal emotional response.

Kelly-Shane Fuller on Pushing Ilford HP5 to ISO 51,200

Black and white film photographers know very well that they can often push a lot of their film quite a bit; but probably not many photographers have tried pushing Ilford HP5 to ISO 51,200 like Kelly-Shane Fuller before.

I Turned My Sons Autism Into Art

Grief, anger, acceptance, art: my journey as an autism parent has been and continues to be full of winding turns and hills and valleys. I love my son unconditionally, as the beautiful, hilarious, challenging, and charming person he is.

La Noir Image Wants to Feature Black and White Analog Photographers

Next month at our premium publication, La Noir Image, we're featuring the work of analog based photographers that shoot in black and white. Artist features on the website are free to the public with our more premium tutorials being available once you subscribe to the site for as little as $15/month.

The Biggest Innovations in Photography in 2016

Photography is evolving: it seems like everyone is really into 360 video, VR, etc as it continues to evolve. But traditional camera companies are continuing to innovate and other companies have been becoming better and better at what they do.

First Impressions: PanoCatcher Loop 360 Photography Rig

With everyone seemingly trying to get into the world of 360 photography and video, there is no doubt a whole lot of disruption in the photography world right now. But if there is anything out there that really seems incredibly cool, then it's probably the PanoCapture Loop used to create what's being called a PanoMoment.

Three Years Later: Remembering Fujifilm 3000-B

For many of you enamored by the arguments of Fujifilm or Sony, megapixels, dynamic range, and more, you probably didn't care about a very big announcement from Fujifilm years ago. Today (November 14th) is the three year anniversary since the film was discontinued.

A Photographers Take: Why Work With Constant Lighting Vs Flash

One of the debates that so many photographers have with themselves when trying to evolve is whether or not they should work with constant lighting or flash. They're both used by professional photographers often, and they're both capable of delivering beautiful images.

I Got Lost In The Beauty Of Italy

My name is Davide Sasso and during the last year I traveled long and wide Italy, I have seen some of the most beautiful places in this fantastic country: from Rome to Venice, from Florence to the Dolomites.

The Imaginary Dress

Inspired by the well-known photographer Aurum Light, I created a series of shots with which I dressed some girl with paint and others materials: flowers, leaves, coffee beans, paper and even the light, through the technique of lightpainting that I used to create the dress.

I Bring You Behind The Walls Of The Hungarian Parliament

Everyone knows well the building of the Parliament, their unique forms and sizes are recognizable from afar. But from the inner halls, room and corridors were taken very few pictures, even though it's so beautiful inside.

Nils Karlson: On Glaucoma and Shooting with Film

Photographer Nils Karlson is a 41 year old creative living in Germany. "I started photography in my late 3's, almost a decade after I got a glaucoma diagnosis, which affects my eyesight my right eye is useless for photography, so I adapted and became left-eyed.

15+ Breathtaking Photos Of Dancers In Motion By NYC Dance Project

The NYC Dance Project is an initiative designed to showcase the magical world of dance and dancers. It was founded by fashion/beauty photographer Ken Browar and dancer/photographer Deborah Ory and the beautiful pictures you can see here are taken from a book called The Art of Movement that's soon to be released.

18 Photos Inspired By Japanese Anime

My name is Davide Sasso and I am a photogrpher with a passion for animation. I love the animation of all kinds, but in particular Japanese animation is the one that is closest to my heart and that surely inspired me as a photographer.

I Use My Camera And Photoshop To Transfer Fantasies Into Reality

Hi, I'm Lillian- I'm a young artist trying to bring my own daydreams to life while merging two mediums. Realizing early on that I really don't have an affinity for realism, I've been developing my own photography editing style through a lot of trial and error.

Photographer Travels To Post-Soviet Countries To Capture The Charm Of Old Bus Stops (New Pics)

The brilliant photographer Christopher Herwig was the first to be interested in the numerous Soviet-era buses of architecture buses. Following the success of his first book Soviet Bus Stops, he decided to continue exploring the more remote areas of Georgia, Russia and Ukraine to find and photograph his unique bus stops for his new collection in the Soviet Bus Stops Volume 2.

I Take Pictures Inspired By Japanese Anime

My name is Davide Sasso and I like Japan a lot. Many of the artistic works that came out of this country have certainly influenced me as a photographer. Japanese anime, for example, is a great source of inspiration for my photos.

Hilarious Christmas Photo Fails

As a photographer, every year I take so many beautiful photos but I also collect a wide range of funny fails. This Christmas I had to share those photos with everyone. Who doesn't like a good fail? These photos are perfectly imperfect.