2020 Displayed in a Year of Aerial Drone Photographs

2020 Displayed in a Year of Aerial Drone Photographs
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Photographer Armando Martinez is celebrating the final day of 2020 by sharing this beautiful montage of drone video footage and photography that he captured in the last year. This year has seen a flurry of news surrounding the present and future of drone photography and videography.

Olympus patented a “high performance” drone camera, and Sony […].

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2021-1-1 21:52

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Snapchat Recently Acquired a Drone Company

Following its first foray into hardware last year, Snap Inc. now appears to be making moves into the drone industry, having just acquired Crtl Me Robotics, and LA-based drone company. Industry analysts believe that the company intends to develop its own drone, which may compete directly with the recently-announced DJI Spark, and will be its second hardware offering. digitalrev.com »

2017-05-28 03:00