Technical Camera: An iOS Camera App with a Simple UI and Serious Features

Technical Camera: An iOS Camera App with a Simple UI and Serious Features

The Hungarian software company DIRE Studio has just launched Technical Camera, a new iOS camera app that’s designed for serious photographers who want a simple yet advanced tool for capturing still photos.

Developer Laszlo Pusztai says he was inspired to create the app because he was frustrated with clutter screens, unorganized storage, the lack of […].

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2018-6-13 19:39

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This Camera App is Taking On Human Trafficking with Photos of Hotel Rooms

Human trafficking is a horrific problem that affects an estimated 20+ million people globally, but don’t let that statistic overwhelm you. Thanks to the camera app TraffickCam, anybody with a smartphone can help fight this horror in a small way: by taking pictures of their hotel room when they travel. TraffickCam was created in 2015 […] »

2017-01-03 22:31


DxO ONE app update adds support for Facebook Live

DxO has announced an update for the iOS app that supports its ONE camera. Version 2. 5 of the app will make it possible to use the camera for Facebook Live streaming. When used remotely via Wi-Fi, the app's Facebook Live integration allows for switching between the ONE's camera as well as the iPhone's built-in front and rear facing cameras. »

2016-12-14 17:00


Foolography and Triggertrap bring sensor-based triggering to the Unleashed camera controller

Foolography has announced a partnership with Triggertrap to bring new functionality to its tiny Unleashed Bluetooth camera controller that we covered at Photokina. The Unleashed works with many Canon and Nikon DSLRs and allows photographers to wirelessly control camera settings, such as aperture, shutter speed or ISO, and trigger the shutter or video using a smartphone app. »

2016-09-27 20:59