The Epson R-D1: One Rangefinder Camera That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Looking for the next interesting or quirky camera to add to your collection? Here's one that we think may be something you've never heard of: the Epson R-D1, which was the first digital rangefinder camera.

It's one of the coolest cameras you can have if you also love shooting with film because of its unusual feature. .

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2018-7-3 19:00

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‘A History Of The Photo Camera’: An Incredibly Short Yet Rewarding Cartoon

If you have approximately one and a half minutes to spare, you could do far worse with your time than watch this delightful speedrun cartoon tour through the history of photographic cameras. Created by Barcelona-based animator/editor Portero Delantero, this extremely short film provides a fluid rundown of every major milestone camera from the Kodak Brownie in 1900, to the iPhone 6 in 2014. »

2016-11-23 03:00


DxO ONE adds Raw image workflow for iOS

DxO announced that it has added a full Raw processing workflow to its iPhone-connected DxO ONE camera. Taking advantage of Raw image support in iOS 10, the update provides one-touch transfer of DxO ONE Raw files to the iOS photo library, from which images can be processed or shared. »

2016-11-11 01:11