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The Barber Shop Convertible Undercut Camera Bag Doubles as a Travel Rucksack

If you're looking for an elegant camera bag that can also double as as an overnight bag or travel rucksack, you might want to consider the "Undercut" Bag by Barber Shop Bags. The key feature of this option is a quick and simple convertible design that essentially lets photographers have two bags in one, both in form and functionality. thephoblographer.com

2018-2-15 11:00

Canon Japan unveils a few silly gear-themed gifts for Canon lovers

Ahead of the holiday shopping season comes a new catalog of gifts from Canon Japan. The gifts are styled after the camera company's existing gear, including a coffee mug and travel thermos designed to resemble lenses, a pair of miniature USB flash drives that resemble classic Canon cameras, a photo album and thermal bottle with an illustrated history of Canon's camera collection, a lunch bag styled after a camera bag, and a picnic mat with illustrations. dpreview.com

2017-11-18 22:53

Domke F-803 and F-5XB review

Domke F-803 & F-5XB Shoulder Bags$80-150/www. tiffen. com | Buy Now The small camera bag has long had a place in the hearts of serious photographers. Yes, most of us all have giant backpacks, bags and even hard rolling cases that get used for the 'big' jobs. dpreview.com

2017-7-5 13:00

48Hr Switch camera briefcase doubles as a backpack and messenger bag

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_5106963844","galleryId":"5106963844","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Kickstarter-born leather goods company Temporary Forevers has launched a campaign to fund production of its new 48Hr Switch camera bag. dpreview.com

2016-12-22 23:21