The ReEdit: Culling Down 83 Images to 14 Good Ones In Adobe Lightroom

One of the biggest problems that a lot of photographers have is the culling and editing process--but it's pretty simple to do in Adobe Lightroom. One of the biggest things that I tell people is to become vulnerable to their own photos.

So in this episode of the ReEdit, I take around a half hour to cull down 83 images to somewhere in the 20s. Then I do another cull and bring that number down to 14. In the end, I chose 13 out of the 83. That's still a pretty high keeper rate and with 83 photos, I didn't need to overshoot at all. I didn't feel the need to and everything was simply working well. After this I do edits on the photos. .

photos down

2017-8-12 07:00

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