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How to Take Beautiful Portraits with a Single Lighting Set Up

When youre shooting portraits in a studio, youd usually pull all the stops and use a lighting set up that requires at least two light sources to properly illuminate your subjects. But when youre looking for something a bit more dramatic or if youre working with limited equipment, really you might want to try using just one light source. thephoblographer.com

2018-9-3 16:00

Visionary Eco-Art: I Take Bits Of Stone And Fit Them Together

I call this work Visionary Eco-Art. Visionary, in that, I am referring to visionary experiences, surrealism, spiritualism, and concepts of dreams. Eco because I use natural materials together with a conscious effort to manifest material from visionary consciousness, while still celebrating this world and endeavoring to do as little environmental harm as possible. boredpanda.com

2018-8-15 18:55

Photography and the Law: What are Your Rights?

What are you legal rights when it comes to taking photos? this is a question most photographers cant answer, yet most of us have encountered issues at one point or another. Youd be pushed to find a photographer who hasnt been moved on or challenged while theyve been out shooting, despite having the right to be there or so they think. digitalrev.com

2018-1-4 03:00

Lufthansa Hired Photographer Who Shot Windows XP Wallpaper To Take 3 New Wallpapers, And He Delivered Once Again

According to some estimates, about 1 billion people have seen Windows XP's iconic wallpaper "Bliss," making it the most viewed photograph in the world. Now, 21 years after he made the shot, Charles O'Rear aims to produce "the next generation of wallpapers," and they look just as blissful. boredpanda.com

2017-11-21 16:19