This Camera Store Receipt Will Make You Mad

This Camera Store Receipt Will Make You Mad

Like many other types of businesses, camera equipment stores can make a lot of money by upselling, or convincing a customer to also purchase additional products and services. But how far can this upselling go before it becomes unethical? A new camera store receipt published online has many photographers furious and some crying “scam.” Flickr […]

camera store receipt will make mad

2018-3-9 21:13

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Calgary police catch suspected Camera Store thieves, recover most of the stolen gear

Photo: The Camera Store Earlier this week, we reported on a high-profile burglary at Calgary's well-known camera shop "The Camera Store"—best known for its popular YouTube channel. Well, thanks to sharp-eyed tipsters and the fast-acting Calgary police, it only took 48 hours from when the store was robbed to catch two suspects and recover most of the stolen gear. »

2017-12-20 19:51


Canada's 'The Camera Store' robbed of $27,200 in high-end camera gear

Photo by The Camera Store Calgary camera shop The Camera Store—known for their fun YouTube reviews of various camera gear—was robbed over the weekend. In what the owners are calling a "very targeted" break-in, thieves made away with $35,000 CAD (~$27,200 USD) worth of high-end camera kit, including a limited edition Leica M-P Edition Safari. »

2017-12-18 23:09


The Camera Store Customer from Hell

If you’ve ever worked in retail at a camera store, perhaps this sketch will tickle your funny bone… or bring back bad memories. At 5:30 in this episode of the comedy show Rostered On is an interaction between a store employee and a customer asking to return a “broken” camera. “It doesn’t take good pictures,” […] »

2017-12-13 20:00