This Photographer Accidentally Shot a Meteor While Capturing a Volcano

This Photographer Accidentally Shot a Meteor While Capturing a Volcano

Sometimes in landscape photography, nature smiles at your camera and surprises you with much more than you were hoping to capture. This photo is one example of that. While photographing an erupting volcano, the photographer saw a shooting star flash across the sky and steal the spotlight in the frame. Back in September 2016, photographer […]

photographer accidentally shot meteor while capturing volcano

2021-2-22 20:16

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This Photographer Accidentally Shot the Wrong Couple’s Proposal

A photographer in Arkansas made an unusual mistake this past weekend: he accidentally photographed the wrong couple’s proposal and completely missed his client’s special moment. Jacob Peters of JP Photography writes that he was contacted several days ago by a man in Wisconsin who needed a photographer to secretly photograph a romantic sunrise engagement from […] »

2017-05-10 19:48


After Accidentally Shooting These Newlyweds On The Rooftop, Photographer Asks Internet To Help Him Find The Couple

It's hard to believe, but this stunning shot was taken completely by accident! Travel filmmaker Brandon Li and his friend were testing a drone over Hong Kong and when the battery was almost empty they pointed the camera down to catch a few last shots before landing the aircraft. »

2016-09-29 14:14