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Photo of Couple Kissing in Rain Gets Bangladeshi Photog Beaten and Fired

Bangladeshi photojournalist Jibon Ahmed recently posted this photo of a couple kissing in the rain to his Facebook page. While it may be a romantic image in your eyes, people in Ahmed’s country felt it was indecent enough that the photographer was reportedly beaten and fired. The Washington Post reports that the photo shot at […] petapixel.com

2018-7-31 18:47

This Photographer Accidentally Shot the Wrong Couples Proposal

A photographer in Arkansas made an unusual mistake this past weekend: he accidentally photographed the wrong couple’s proposal and completely missed his client’s special moment. Jacob Peters of JP Photography writes that he was contacted several days ago by a man in Wisconsin who needed a photographer to secretly photograph a romantic sunrise engagement from […] petapixel.com

2017-5-10 19:48

Couple Freaks Out After Realizing Someone Follows Them Around The World Just To Copy Their Travel Photos

When we talk about Instagram followers, we don't mean it in the literal sense. Well, not usually anyway. But as Instagram-famous travel photographers Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have recently discovered, two of their collective 2 million plus followers are quite literally chasing them around the world and recreating their poses wherever they go. boredpanda.com

2016-11-14 12:45