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Nikon D850 vs Nikon Df - Which One Should You Get?

With its retro-chic design and sublime lines, the Df gave a stylish twist to Nikons DSLR range when it was launched in 2013. But with the recent release of the feature-packed D850, how does the style stand up against the substance? We take a look at the specifications of both cameras to help you decide Design and ergonomics: While the design differences of DSLR cameras are usually minimal, this is certainly not the case this time around. digitalrev.com

2017-9-25 03:00

I Accidentally Photographed A Meteor While Capturing An Erupting Volcano

It was during a recent photography trip to Kamchatka in far east Russia that I was fortunate enough to witness and photograph an erupting volcano. Having joined a group of passionate photographers, led by the incredibly talented Daniel Kordan, we had arrived in Kamchatka and heard of visible lava streams in the area we were heading out to. boredpanda.com

2016-11-16 02:09