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Реакции на коронавирус по всему миру в работах фотографов агентства Panos Pictures

Panos Pictures – международное агентство, которое базируется в Великобритании. Их фотографы и видеографы занимаются документированием различных значимых историй, связанных с социальной несправедливостью, войной, расовой дискриминацией и проблемами эмиграции. photar.ru »

2020-3-29 16:52

French Photographer Takes Pictures Of Street Trash Bins Around The World

Some people collect magnets or some other souvenirs through their travels. This French photographer, who has traveled over 90 countries as of now, collects street litter bins pictures. It started some 15 years ago: a pretty bin, a photograph, and it became a habit: during most her travels, she began photographing litter bins in the streets. boredpanda.com »

2020-2-22 11:23

I Took Pictures Of My Homemade Sweets With My Phone To Show You Can Have Good Photos On A Budget!

I've always had a sweet tooth so a few years ago I started making simple dessert to eat at breakfast or in the afternoon. Especially in weekends, when I had more time, I tried to place everything on my plate symmetrically and then I added sauces, cocoa and decorations! I really wanted to take pictures of what I made but I couldn't afford to buy a good camera at the time. boredpanda.com »

2019-12-20 21:33