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This Surfing Contest Used a Helicopter to Knock a Drone Out of the Sky

We’ve seen various methods of dealing with drones, including bigger drones with nets, special shotgun shells, bazookas, futuristic jammer guns, and even specially-trained eagles. A surfing event in Hawaii took a different approach: as seen in the video above, it knocked a drone out of the air using a helicopter. “Like most sporting organizations the […] petapixel.com

2018-12-4 20:58

This patent shows the first images of the new Sony Drone camera!

Well I just found a brand newly published Sony patent describing a foldable drone camera. And it’s quite innovative as you will see: The image below shows you the Drone folded: You then detach the cover part which is actually a full touchscreen remote device! The touchscreen device is used to fly the drone: And […] The post This patent shows the first images of the new Sony Drone camera! appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com

2018-10-31 17:44

DJI Demands Withdrawal of Misleading Drone Strike Video

Last month, the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) published an article and video showing what happens when a drone collides with an airplane wing at high speeds. The Chinese drone juggernaut DJI wasn’t pleased with the study: it’s demanding that UDRI withdraw the video and article, calling it “misleading.” Here’s the 43-second test video […] petapixel.com

2018-10-23 20:34

AirSelfie2 pocket-sized camera drone launches with slight improvements

AirSelfie2, an update to the original AirSelfie drone launched in late 2016, is now available for purchase. The new model, which was introduced during CES 2018, improves upon the original AirSelfie by increasing the camera resolution from 5MP to 12MP, including a 16GB integrated microSD card versus the original's 4GB capacity, and increasing flight time by two minutes. dpreview.com

2018-8-9 22:48