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Reckless drone video under investigation for flying directly above passenger jet

A drone pilot has enraged the entire UAV community after sharing a video in which he flew his drone directly above a passenger jet flying out of Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport. The stunt was captured in a video by the camera drone, which shows it facing the jet before turning to fly in the same direction and quickly dropping altitude to get closer to the aircraft. dpreview.com

2018-2-8 17:48

UK Drone Users May Need To Sit Exams Soon

Life could be about to get a bit more tricky for videographers and photographers in the UK who wish to fly drones after details leaked about new draft legislation planned for 2018. Drones that weigh above 400g (the Mavic Pro weighs over 700g) look set to be banned from flying near sensitive sites such as airports or above heights of 400ft (122 metres). digitalrev.com

2017-11-27 03:00

Shooting K

In October this year, I spent 2 weeks shooting in Hawaii. My first stop was Big Island, where a friend and I shot the lava flows of Pu The Pu I had booked my flights (about 22 net hours per direction!) to Hawaii before I knew of the lava situation, but a friend told me that there were good inland flows so I kept my hopes up. dpreview.com

2017-11-25 18:00