Bokeh Beasts: You’ll Fall in Love with These 135mm Lenses for Portraits

There are lots of different lenses on the market that can be used for portrait photography, and, of course, each photographer has their own preference when it comes to lenses. Some photographers may prefer to use primes like a 35mm, a 50mm, or an 85mm, and some would prefer to use lenses like a 70-200mm f2.

8, but what if we told you that there is a Goldilocks lens when it comes to portraits? 135mm lenses are quite possibly the best lenses to use for portraits thanks to their unmatched sharpness, the amount of compression that can give, and of course, the gorgeous bokeh they can produce. After the break, we will take a look at seven 135mm lenses that we think you should take a closer look at. .

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