Google’s New Pixel Phone is DxOMark’s Highest-Rated Smartphone Camera Ever

Google’s New Pixel Phone is DxOMark’s Highest-Rated Smartphone Camera Ever

Google’s newest phone, the Pixel, has just been announced. Although the event is still ongoing, we’ve got our first confirmation of the specs, and they’re extremely impressive. One highlight of Google’s presentation was the reveal of the Pixel’s rating by DxO Mark.

The Pixel was rated at 89 out of 100, the highest rating of any smartphone camera ever.

The camera sports a 12. 3MP sensor and an aperture of f/2 – those specs alone don’t sound too impressive, but Google is confident that the camera’s large 1. 55um pixels will capture significantly more light than standard smartphone cameras, and DxOMark’s figures back them up.

Additionally, Google is giving Pixel owners completely unlimited full-resolution backup of photos and videos, even videos shot in 4k. Speaking of video, the keynote also demonstrated Google’s new digital image stabilisation software, which appears to be built into the Pixel phones. Although details of stabilisation tool are still sketchy, the demo footage appeared to be extremely capable of smoothing out video footage without too much cropping or creating the common ‘jello effect’. “This works by sampling the gyroscope at 200 times per second, and instantaneously compensating each part of the image,” says Google.

Smartburst is built-in, taking multiple photos and automatically recommending the best one, and the shutter lag of the camera is also one of the lowest ever seen on a smartphone, allowing for rapid shooting of fast-moving subjects

The Pixel also features Google’s Assistant built in, incorporating Google’s machine learning and AI into Android to provide a seamless two-way conversation between users and Google. Prices start from $649 and up, depending on which version and storage capacity you choose.

All in all, it’s an exciting time for smartphone cameras, and if the hype around this particular phone is to be believed it could be the most capable smartphone shooter we’ve ever seen. We’ll bring you more information as soon as we have it.


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2016-10-7 03:00

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