Kodak Reintroduces Ektachrome Slide Film

Kodak Reintroduces Ektachrome Slide Film
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Who said film was dead? While Fujifilm continues to slash its film line, Kodak seems dedicated to keeping the format alive. At CES 2017 they just made a huge announcement that will bring waves of reassurance to film lovers around the world.

Kodak Alaris are bringing back KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Color Reversal Film for 135 and Super 8, and the stock will be available in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The film was previously discontinued in 2012, and many lamented the iconic film, which has been used for decades across many of the most celebrated magazines such as National Geographic.

Photo by slimmer_jimmer / via Flickr

“Film is our heritage and we remain committed to meeting the evolving needs of today’s film shooters,” said Dennis Olbrich, President of Kodak Alaris Imaging Paper, Photo Chemicals and Film.

“We’ve been listening to the needs and desires of photographers over the past several years and wanted to bring back a color reversal film. In assessing the opportunity, EKTACHROME was the clear choice. ”

It's developed under the commonly used E6 process, meaning that it won't be as complex to develop such as Kodachrome, which required a unique process and skilled lab.

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