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Create Infrared Images with a Filter That Mimics Kodak Aerochrome Film

Infrared photography is specialized genre of photography that doesn't appeal to everyone, but there is no doubt that infrared images can be quite stunning. Since Kodak Aerochrome film is hard to come by these days, one photographer decided that he wanted to be able to bring this type of photography to the masses without having to have a camera conversion, and without having to spend over $80 on one roll of Kodak Aerochrome. thephoblographer.com

2019-2-12 20:00

Android Phone Cameras to Soon Have Infrared Depth Sensors

Qualcomm, which creates mobile processors, is pioneering a new active depth sensor that will probably make its way to Android phones next year via their upcoming 2nd generation Snapdragon processor. The Verge reports that his new technology, the 2nd generation Qualcomm Spectra ISP (Image Signal Processor), will allow phones to generate, almost instantaneously, a 3D […] petapixel.com

2017-8-16 17:25

Jack Seikaly: Digital Infrared Photography Influenced by Kodak Aerochrome

"Im a confused pessimist at heart. I view a world that is in a constant state of chaos and anarchy, generally getting worse over time." says Jack Seikaly about his infrared photography. "The message I try to portray in my infrared shots is this: 'the world may be terrible, but look at all the beauty it also has to offer.'" thephoblographer.com

2017-3-1 08:04