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Hilarious Dogs In A Photo Booth (With Funny Props!)

For decades, the photo booth has offered us human’s silly entertainment with themed props and clip art tag-lines. But it’s time for our dogs to have some photo booth fun too!! So, allow me to introduce you to some hilarious hounds having a wild and wacky time in San Francisco’s only dog-friendly photo booth!! I got the idea a few years ago while attending a friends wedding where the photo booth was a huge hit. boredpanda.com »

2018-7-21 21:20

Polaroid Photo Booth Kit

The Polaroid photo booth kit is an all-in-one instant-set-up photo booth that brings the party everywhere you go. From after-school events to celebratory office gatherings, the Polaroid photo booth kit cranks up the fun atmosphere and keeps everyone entertained for hours by providing a dramatic red background, oversized (28. photographyblog.com »

2017-11-1 15:00