This is How the iPhones Portrait Mode Fakes Bokeh

This is How the iPhones Portrait Mode Fakes Bokeh

Ever wonder how the iPhone’s amazing Portrait Model is able to create “fake” bokeh? Some Stuff Explainedcreated this simple 5-minute explanation video that explains how Apple’s Portrait Mode works on iPhones with dual lenses.

The feature is made possible by the dual lenses found on the back of the phone (Google’s portrait mode uses dual […].

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2018-1-11 19:20

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Google Research explains the Pixel 2 portrait mode

Standard image (left) and depth mask (right), Image: Google Background-blurring portrait or bokeh modes have pretty much become a standard feature on dual-camera equipped phones. Similar effects can be achieved with single-lens devices but operation tends to be more cumbersome, with more manual interference required, and results less realistic than on dual-camera setups.

2017-10-18 15:04