Useful Photography Tip #195: Golf Bags Are a Great Way to Store Light Stands on a Flight

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Click Here. Photographers traveling on flights often will have trouble with lots of the gear that they’re carrying. Not only do you get thoroughly checked when bringing cameras, lenses and more but light modifiers can also be a pain. Let alone the cost of all that stuff can add up. But

useful photography tip 195 golf bags are great

2019-6-12 07:00

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Useful Photography Tip #196: The Golden Hour Look Any Time of the Day

Everyone loves the look of the golden hour when shooting portraits. But it's always available for a short period of time. Don't worry though, there's a way to get it at any time of the day. Best of all, this is NOT POSSIBLE IN PHOTOSHOP WITHOUT A LOT OF WORK! The reason for this is because you'll create an organically looking light in the scene and not just use a gradient. Here's how! »

2019-10-08 07:00

Useful Photography Tip #185: Why You Should Generally Underexpose Your Images

One of the biggest and best tips that I could possibly give any photographer about modern digital photography has to do with metering a scene. First off, if you're using a form of evaluative metering then you should often use the light meter as a gauge and not try to always get the little blinker in the middle of the exposure indicator. »

2018-07-11 13:00