Cheap Photo: Sony Have Slashed $600 Off The A7RIII + More Big Savings

Temperatures are starting to rise around here, and it has nothing to do with summer beating down the door; it's because these camera deals are red hot. Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic have been slashing prices on their cameras, and there are some truly incredible deals.

The Sony A7 II is $998, the A7R III is down to $2,598, and the a6000 kit with two lenses is just $648! The Canon 6D Mk II has a discount of $530, and the Nikon Z6 with lens adapter can be yours for just $1796. 95! Panasonic are in on the action too. The GH5 has a $500 discount which brings it down to $1497. 99. Come on in and check out all of the camera deals, and savings on lenses that we have found for you. .

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2019-6-12 22:00

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