Field Report: Working With the Silberra Pan Film Lineup

I have to admit that I'm really excited when a new film manufacturer pops up or a company announces a new film emulsion: and Silberra is a key example of this. The company has an ISO 50, 100, 160, and 200 film in black and white.

Something that I was really concerned about though is just how they were going to distinguish themselves from all the rest. I mean, when Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 came out, I was able to see how it stacks up against the rest. It's a much different film that means that it should be used in a different way. Kodak has Tri-X and T-Max, Lomography has the Grey series, and Ilford has an incredibly large stable of black and white film emulsions. So with Silberra, there needed to be something incredibly special about their film. .

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2018-5-16 07:00

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