Live Show Recap: Creative Self Portraits

Live Show Recap: Creative Self Portraits

Hey folks! This week was a fun one, you guys really show up for self portraits. No news this week, but there’s stuff in the pipeline for sure. We start with some creative self portrait inspirationfrom Arno Raphael Minkkinen.

Okay, let’s get into your photo submissions: -doorway reflection –blade runner -paint splatter -handrail reflection -Italian […].

live show recap creative self portraits

2017-9-30 18:36

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Live Show Recap: Cityscapes

Hey folks! Sorry I didn’t recap last week, I was out of town and didn’t make time. This week we looked at some lovely cityscape photos. T&C started out the show with a nice message for hurricane victims and implored you all to donate along with us. You can donate to Red Cross here, or […]

2017-09-08 18:48

Live Show Recap: Contrast

Contrast! You guys took some liberties with this one, but that was expected. We were looking for contrast in color, light, or mood. Next week is action, so bring it! We start off with photonews: -Sonygot the a7 SII onto a space station and is taking footage! Tony and Chelsea are repping with their nerd […]

2017-07-28 17:44

Live Show Recap: Travel

What’s up, jerks? We reviewed your travel photos last night, and you really came through! It’s a pretty ambiguous topic, but I think we got some really impressive submissions. We decided that travel photography was something that captured the unique spirit of a place, orportrayed motion and destination. Support our Patreon! You can vote on […]

2017-07-07 19:30

Live Show Recap: Nature

If you missed the memo, we had our show on Monday this week because T&C will be away on Thursday. We looked at your lovely nature photos, once I get my -ish together. From cannibals to Schweddy Balls, we’re on an upturn! Our live showwon’t be back until April 27th reviewing your landscape photos. Starting […]

2017-04-11 19:11

Live Show Recap: Colors

Colors! You guys really showed up for this one. There were so many great examples of color as a focal point. You can read my blog on it here. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: next week’s show is on Monday instead of Thursday as T&C will be traveling.

2017-04-07 19:11

Live Show Recap: Landscapes

I think I can say that we’re on a roll lately. It might be the whisky. We looked at your landscape photos this week, and you all really showed up. There were some great shots! Also this episode, Chelsea reveals that she is a part-time ghost. We won’t be on next week as Tony and […]

2017-03-03 18:53

Live Show Recap: Sports

SPORTZ! This show was pretty fun. Justin was snowed out of the office, so he was controlling cameras remotely which is insane. His presence was notably missed in the office, but we prevailed. You guys really showed up this week, there were a lot of great shots.

2017-02-10 19:55

Live Show Recap: Best of 2016

Well guys, this was a crazy one. Justin is in California so the show is a bit… slapdash. We lose the stream a few times in the first 20 minutes, but once we realize Skype was to blame, it gets back on track and stays there. This week we reviewed your best photos of 2016! […]

2016-12-30 19:28

Live Show Recap: Widlife

Hey! I’m live in the studio this week and awkward as ever! If for no other reason, that’s a reason to watch the show. We reviewed wildlife again this week and as always we had some great submissions.

2016-11-25 18:59

Live Show Recap: Wedding

Hey folks! This show was a blast. We reviewed yourwedding photosand there were some lovely ones. ATTN: next week due to Thanksgiving, we’re doing our live show a day early. We’ll be doing the show on Wednesday at our regular time and looking at your wildlife photos. We start right off with somechit-chat! Our […]

2016-11-18 19:33