Maybe Its Time for Samsung to Return to Making Camera Sensors

Over the last few years Sony have emerged as the the world's leader when it comes to camera sensor manufacturing and supplying. The Japanese powerhouse develops and keeps the very best sensors for use in their own cameras of course, but they also supply sensors to most other camera manufacturers too, with the likes of Nikon relying heavily on their technology.

There is one company though that could take the crown from the current sensor kings, and that company is Samsung. After the break read on to find out how they plan to become the world's leading camera sensor manufacturer, and what it could mean for the world of photography. .

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2019-1-11 20:00

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MIT’s 1-trillion-frame-per-second camera is now outdated. Researchers in Sweden have created a new world’s fastest camera that shoots a staggering 5 trillion frames per second. This camera, called FRAME (Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures) and developed at Lund University, can make “light practically stand still” and capture events as short as 0.2 trillionths of […]

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