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Just Got Your First Fujifilm Camera? Check Out These X Mount Lenses

There are a ton of great Fujifilm cameras on the market, and if you just got your hands on any one of them over the holiday period, you will no doubt love using it. As with any camera system, though, the lenses you use will play a more significant role in how good your images will be, and thankfully there are dozens of excellent X mount lenses available for you to use. thephoblographer.com

2020-1-7 02:00

First Impressions: Sony E 70-350mm F4.5-6.3 G OSS (Sony E, APS-C)

Earlier this week, Sony announced their 70-350mm f4. 5-6. 3 G OSS lens alongside the A6100 and A6600 crop sensor mirrorless cameras and the 16-55mm f2. 8 G lens. The Sony E 70-350mm f4. 5-6. 3 G OSS is the company's first super-telephoto designed specifically for their crop sensor mirrorless cameras, with a 35mm Full Frame equivalent focal range of 105525 mm. thephoblographer.com

2019-9-4 13:00