Skylum releases free Luminar 1.3.0 update (now fully supports Sony A7 III)

Skylum released the new 1. 3. 0 free update. If you plan to buy Luminar use the coupon code “SAR” you will get $10 off. The new update fully supports the new Sony A7III. Mac New & Improved Features: IMPROVED Raw Develop.

The Raw Develop filter has improved handling of the Lens and Transform effects. Effects are not […]

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update sony skylum supports fully luminar

2018-7-12 19:24

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Sony A9 firmware update 2.0 released. And new 500 Euro price cut too.

Sony released the new firmware update for the Sony A9. At the same time in Europe there has been a 500 price cut on the camera like you can see here at Calumetphoto. de. Benefits and improvements from the latest update Enhance Continuous AF Enhances continuous auto focus on moving subjects Enhances AF-C stability while zooming […] The post Sony A9 firmware update 2. »

2018-01-11 11:52

Sony releases new firmware update for the Sony A9. Fixes bug and also improves image quality.

Sony  just issued the new firmware update 1. 10 for the Sony A9. You can download it at Sony Australia and within minutes at Sony Support. Those are the improvements: Supports “Eye AF” function for A-mount lenses via the LA-EA3 mount adapter (This function is only for A-mount lenses which can adapt to 8 or 10 […] The post Sony releases new firmware update for the Sony A9. »

2017-09-27 11:04