What I Learned After One Year of Trying to Make My Own Zine

It's 2018; who the hell in their right mind would want to sit there and create a zine? Well for one, me. In fact, tons of photographers do it for their own marketing purposes. Emulsion, my latest zine and experiment with my company, was more or less a labor of love for a year.

Editorially, I had no help. Business wise, I need to thank my good buddy Justin Kirck for helping to keep me sane throughout the process. Kickstarting this was difficult, going through all the submissions was daunting, laying out and coordinating all the assets was draining, and getting all of this printed was as smooth as could have possibly been done from Blurb with all the variables we had. But after a year, I did it. Though I'm very forward about typically saying "we" on this blog, this venture was something specifically spearheaded and done by me. .

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2018-9-3 07:00

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Film vs Digital: Fashion photography shootout

Photographer Anita Sadowska likes to set up "challenges" on her YouTube channel, and when she sent us her most recent one, we knew we'd want to share it. Unlike most of her challenges, where you get to compare different photographers, in this one you're comparing different mediums: Anita shot with her Canon 5D Mark IV, while her challengee Alex Hutchinson shot on either a Pentax 67 or Nikon N80. dpreview.com »

2018-01-20 04:23

Sony's Mavica FD71 liked floppy disks, hated magnets

In the earliest days of consumer digital photography, back when the ‘smart’ in ‘smart phone’ was the same as the ‘smart’ in ‘a smart pair of pants’, almost every aspect of capturing, transferring, storing, sharing and printing digital images was so fraught with technical challenges and costly disappointments that it still amazes me that it ever took off at all. dpreview.com »

2017-06-29 14:00

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These 7 Music Videos Were Filmed With Just a Smartphone

Recently when Lok, Warren, and I travelled to Cologne to meet up with Kai at Photokina, we tested out three pieces of gear that could really open up a lot of doors for videographers and photographers: the iPhone 7 (chill out Android fans, I guess Google’s Pixel will be great too), the Feiyu SPG Live, and its new competitor – DJI’s Osmo Mobile. digitalrev.com »

2016-10-06 03:00