Fujfilm announces development GFX 50S medium-format digital

Fujfilm announces development GFX 50S medium-format digital
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A major player in the days of film, Fujifilm has announced its first medium-format digital camera, the GFX 50S. The camera is built around a new 'G mount' that will include zoom as well as prime lenses.

The first three lenses, expected in 'Early 2017' will be: the GF 63mm F2. 8 R WR, a GF32-64mm F4R LM WR and GF 120mm F4 Macro. The 0. 79x crop means these are a 50mm, 25-50mm and 95mm equivalent, respectively.

These will be followed by a GF23mm F4 R LM WR and GF110mm F2 in Mid 2017 and a GF45mm F2. 8 R WR in late 2017

Fujifilm says its target price for the GFX 50S with 63mm standard prime will be 'well under $10,000. '

Based around a 51. 4MP CMOS sensor that sounds a lot like the one we've seen in the Pentax 645Z and Hasselblad XQD, Fujifilm says it's newly developed with their engineers. The camera looks like an upsized X-Pro II but comes with a clip-on EVF 'prism'. A slot-in accessory will allow the EVF to be tilted and rotated.

With a sensor area around 1. 7x larger than 135 'full frame' and 4x greater than that used in the company's APS-C X-series cameras, the camera promises high quality, high resolution capture.

The large sensor and high pixel count allows plenty of resolution to be maintained while cropping to multiple different formats, with Fujfilm talking about offering multiple crops to offer unhindered creativity.

The camera uses a mirrorless design, both to keep size down and avoid mirror shock. Fujifilm calculates that the high resolution and large mirror would result in around 15% resolution loss if implemented in this camera.

'X is focused on compactness, GFX allows different aspect ratios and the ultimate image quality. X and GFX: two systems that complement each other. '


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